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A smoker


  • Weight: 80 pt.
  • Size: 820x530x865 mm.
730 $


The smokehouse is used both at production facilities and for private purposes. You can use it to smoke meat and fish in a hot way, cook sausages, cheeses and all sorts of delicacies, both for yourself and for sale. The smokehouse for hot Smoking is made with a water seal to ensure tightness, which contributes to the quality processing of the Smoking product. It consists of two parts-a Smoking chamber and a firebox, this is its advantage over other analogues. The chamber is made of food-grade stainless steel, in which a two-tier grid and a tray for collecting fat are laid. The firebox is made with an ash tray for adjusting the flame. A special feature is also the presence of a thermometer to control the Smoking process.



The dimensions of the smokehouse are designed for loading up to 15 kg of products, which allows you to simultaneously prepare a large number of products. Thanks to the horizontal position of the camera, convenient handrails and wheels ensure its mobility.

The working chamber provides cooking of different dishes while simultaneously loading

The quality of the materials will ensure guaranteed operation of the smokehouse in the open air for 10 years.

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